Hey all, I am just going to launch into this blog. I have been playing the Topps Bunt app for the past two months, a little more intensively over the past month. I think I have learned a lot about buying packs, trading, and more. Time to share what I have learned.

The first area I would like to address is patience. Especially around buying and spending your coins. And this applies even if you never spend a cent on the game.

First, let’s assume you have moved beyond collecting all of the base cards (at least the commons, uncommons, and rares). Now you are looking to collect either for the purpose of collecting the hard-to-find inserts or accumulating high-scoring cards (golds and silvers) to compete in the game. I’ll get to talking about buying coins later. Topps gives you 15,000 coins each week. How do you spend them?

The trick is that you need to be patient. Wait for the good pack sales. It seems like once a week, there is a good pack sale. Whether it is the special Twitter packs, the Cinco de Mayo packs, Sunday brunch packs… these are the packs to buy. Even two days ago, they discounted most packs by 50%. So I jumped in and bought packs. It takes discipline not to buy packs when a new insert is announced, but if you wait you get more bang for your buck. Another example, when Topps Bunt announced that the odds for getting a Trout boost were changing from 1:270 to 1:27 for an hour, I jumped in. I was lucky to get the card in the first pack but again, I felt like my patience was being rewarded.

The same lesson applies to buying coins. Unless you are creating 15 alternate accounts on 15 different devices (which is way too much of a pain in the ass), 15,000 coins per week is not a lot. So you decided to buy some coins. While it is expensive, it is worth waiting for the times when Topps offers the 500,000 coins bundle. It is $75 but your cost per coin goes from $.20 per 1,000 coins (when you buy the 250,000 bundle) to $.15 per 1,000 coins with the 500,000 bundle. If you can swing it, it’s better to buy big but less frequently.

With all of that in mind, Topps just offered a coins sale last night so the next one probably won’t come for a week or two. I loaded up last night but I am not spending coins yet. I am not chasing the Bowman Draft series, Mascot series, or Turkey series. So I am waiting for any pack deals to load up on gold SPs or the VIP packs coming next week.

Next post, I think I will talk about chasing the various series that they have been releasing.