Okay, I am a little bit persnickety (sp?). I get annoyed by stuff. Usually, I think about it and realize I am not thinking about it from their perspective. But sometimes I think I am right… here are a couple things that bug me:

Loaning cards. Listen, I get it. Lots of people do it and most people are honest people who will return the cards asap. But even if you are honest and return the cards, unless you are loaning cards to me… it’s kind of a one-sided relationship. If I give you a coin card that gets you 5,000 coins, that’s enough for you to buy 5 Cup of Joe packs or an Instagram pack… and you’ll end up with like 5 gold cards. And since I spent money to get the coin cards, you are just freeloading.

I know this will offend people… but let’s call a spade a spade. Now, if there was someone who was an equal partner (loaning me as much as I loan to them), that feels like a partnership. I don’t do that because I haven’t found anyone to do that with… but that seems more fair. I have loaned cards a few times and I appreciate when someone sends me a gold SP as a thank you, but it is few and far between. For me, in order to be interested in this, I think I’d like to share in the bounty of cards that the person gets. I.e. if they get 5k in coins from my card and they open an Instagram pack, they can choose one card to protect… but then I can choose a card from the pack they opened. That’s a solution I could live with.

I know a lot of people playing are teenagers without access to funds for buying lots of coins, so I’d like to find a solution here. But I don’t like the way most people expect loans to come to them. If you have earned my trust in trades, I am more likely to loan you a card once in a while. But the folks who just ask for loans constantly… sorry, I can’t help you out.