I have been wanting to write this post for a while but it takes a while to think through these suggestions. Here are my rules of engagement:

1) I am not going to talk about the price of packs or quality of packs. I am not going to lambast Topps for the white pack or celebrate the original black pack.

2) I am not going to talk about the bugs in the app. That is an entirely separate column. I assume Topps is working on those already.

3) I would love to get ideas from others. If there is any post where I want comments, this is it.


So here are some of the ideas I have been thinking about:

1) More filter options when looking at cards. I want to be able to filter so that I am only looking at the following things:

  • Starting Pitchers (SPs) – since a lot of people are looking for SPs, it would be good to just look at these
  • SPs pitching today – especially important for the gameplay aspect. While I can look at the probably starters online, it would be nice to not need to toggle. (An idea from Daniel Kenyon: for that day’s probable pitchers, put a little blue triangle at the bottom.)
  • Inserts – some traders just want to trade inserts. Make it easy!
  • Super Rares – again, there are times when I just want to see the Super Rares with duplications so why look at everything?
  • (this one might be tough) Whether or not you have dupes — I especially want this for people I am trading with so I can just ask for cards where they have duplicates
  • Whether the card is currently available in packs (“Sold out”)

2) Create a “Cards Wanted” list. The Fan Feed can be a zoo and it isn’t easy to post there. It would be nice if I can click on someone and see their list of cards they are seeking.

3) Be able to access a list of people who have added me as a friend. I might want to add them back!

4) Some mechanism to look further back into the trade history. Sometimes I want to remember what I traded to get a card.

5) More checklists for the series. It is okay to look at the News Feed but it would be nice if it was pinned somewhere.

6) Some way to clean out the awards or to filter awards that are not available. For example, the Zimmer award is still listed in my Awards. I have had all 86 cards since June 6 at around 3:30 (an hour after the award was given).

7) A little tag on cards in the trading window showing the card count. When I am evaluating trades, that is frequently what I am looking at.

8) This one is big but probably pretty tough. Some way to control the trading of cards around for Chase Series. Maybe make the coins reward really big when you are one of the first people to complete the series or only give the award card to the people who hit the first day deadline (other people can still earn the coins).


Hope those ideas help Topps Bunt team.