Valuing cards is highly subjective. The fact is, people can subjectively debate players 10-20, 20-35, and 35-50. I may be willing to trade #11 on my list for #17 if I have dupes of #11. But this feels like a great place to start.

Some ground rules: the idea is that if you ask 50 people, this would be close to their average rankings. It is only 2014 cards. I am not going to include BoBs or the 1/1 Diamond VIP cards. The 10-count BoBs would probably be in the top 20 range and the 15-count would definitely be in the top 50. And I have a feeling they will hold their value pretty well after the season.

  1. Trout sig
  2. Jeter sig
  3. Berra sig
  4. Gordon Lightning
  5. Wright Blue
  6. Hamilton Lightning
  7. Felix Fire boost
  8. POTW Tulo
  9. Kershaw sig
  10. Stanton sig
  11. Kershaw black boost
  12. Trout Fire boost
  13. JV sig
  14. LL Fernandez
  15. Tulo black boost
  16. Cueto black boost
  17. Encarnacion Fire boost
  18. Aaron GM
  19. Jeter Turkey Red sig
  20. Ortiz black boost
  21. Goldschmidt black boost
  22. Ryan Illustrated
  23. Tulo sig
  24. EC Wheeler
  25. K-Rod Fire
  26. EC Taveras
  27. Rizzo black boost
  28. Heritage Utley
  29. Choo Cannon
  30. Wright Red
  31. Fired Up Wright/Hanley
  32. Strasburg Mystery
  33. (tie) Mystery Wieters/Ventura/Kinsler
  34. Bowman Fielder
  35. Getz Blue sig
  36. (tie) Bowman Wacha/Sabathia
  37. (tie) Fired Up Pedroia/Ellsbury/Verlander
  38. Heritage Stanton
  39. (tie) A&G Super Rare Posey, Sale, and Springer
  40. (tie) Leather Super Rare Jeter and Molina
  41. POTW Pollock award card
  42. SNB Rodriguez award card
  43. Tribute Hamilton

What isn’t on this list… but could be for some people:
• Cannon McCutchen and Puig
• Illustrated Super Rare Harper
• Bowman Russell Wilson
• Breaking Out Machado and Kershaw
• Breaking Out McCutchen award card
• Leather Torii Hunter award card
• A&G Ortiz award card


Discuss amongst yourselves!