Each Monday, Bunt hands out the Best of Bunt awards. It’s fun to try to predict them ahead of time… even though we will find out soon enough. Running through all of the cards, here are my predictions. Interestingly, no pitchers this week — with the new scoring, it seems pretty much impossible for a pitcher to finish as one of the top 2-3 Bunt scoring cards but I don’t think any were even in the top 10 this week. It was a big scoring week for batters as evidenced by the big point totals on the overall leaderboard.

That said, here we go:

  1. Bunt 1-10 — Lucas Duda, monster week, especially over the weekend
  2. Bunt 11-25 — Marcell Ozuna
  3. Bunt 26-50 — Victor Martinez
  4. Bunt 51-100 — Nolan Arenado, consistent week
  5. Bunt 101-500 — Sterling Marte
  6. Bunt 501-1000 — Corey Dickerson (calculated based on what his gold card would have scored)
  7. Bunt 1001-5000 — Josh Hamilton
  8. narrowly missed — Dustin Ackley, Ian Desmond, J. Upton, and Jose Abreu

I am sure I missed something in here but that’s the prediction.

[Updated with hat tip to @talamini_gary]