I started a new tradition last week and while I have been lazy about posting, I’ll try to keep this going. 


Best of Bunt awards (BoBs) will come out later today for players who participate in the points chase. Here are my predictions for what is coming. I based the predictions based on how many points the gold card for each player scored but I have no idea how to Bunt team decides which cards to give out. I should try to reverse engineer it… but that would be an extra level of effort that I will save for next week.


Drumroll please…

  1. Bunt 1-10 — Jacob Ellsbury – 1676 points, including one huge day
  2. Bunt 11-25 — Matt Holliday – 1442 points, snuck up on me, didn’t realize he was playing so well
  3. Bunt 26-50 — Buster Posey – 1402 points, I thought he was going to be #1 but he took off a day (or 2)
  4. Bunt 51-100 — Madison Bumgarner – 1300 points, obviously a 2-start pitcher and threw a 1-hitter
  5. Bunt 101-500 — Chris Davis – 1272 points,  maybe picking up his game again, got the treatments back in place?
  6. Bunt 501-1000 — Jose Bautista – 1240 points, this guy is hot not
  7. Bunt 1001-5000 — Jeff Samardzija – 1120 points, came back hot after tough week


narrowly missed — Adrian Gonzalez