Predicting the BoBs (Best of Bunt cards) – week 26

Best of Bunt awards (BoBs) will come out later today (or maybe tomorrow) for Bunt’ers who participate in the points chase. Here are my predictions for what is coming. I based the predictions based on how many points the gold card for each player scored. Since I missed a few last week because they didn’t have gold cards, I dug a little deeper this week.

This was the week when pitchers returned to the list. Kluber and Cashner had big weeks.

  1. Bunt 1-10 — Cuddyer 1462 (if he had gold). Monster week.
  2. Bunt 11-25 — Rosario 1350. Surprising but he had a great week.
  3. Bunt 26-50 — Kluber 1260
  4. Bunt 51-100 — Puig 1230
  5. Bunt 101-500 — Coghlan 1190 (if he had gold)
  6. Bunt 501-1000 — Cashner 1160
  7. Bunt 1001-5000 — Morneau 1116

The rest:

  • Yan Gomes 1096 (if he had gold)
  • A gonz 1048
  • DeGrom 1030
  • Kemp 990
  • Galvis 962
  • Kinsler 904
  • Duda 868
  • Hosmer 842
  • Bautista 836

Predicting the BoBs (Best of Bunt cards) – week 25

This has become my weekly post. Points per player were down this week but the top Bunt’ers scored as highly as ever.

Best of Bunt awards (BoBs) will come out tomorrow for Bunt’ers who participate in the points chase. Here are my predictions for what is coming. I based the predictions based on how many points the gold card for each player scored.

  1. Bunt 1-10 — Adrian Gonzalez – 1196 points, this guy is a dark horse for the MVP though I would choose Stanton and McCutchen right now.
  2. Bunt 11-25 — Marcell Ozuna – 1094 points, been hot lately
  3. Bunt 26-50 — Mike Trout – 1092 points, probably a good thing he wasn’t the highest scorer because that would be the card super valuable.
  4. Bunt 51-100 — Clayton Kershaw – 1090 points, two solid starts
  5. Bunt 101-500 — J.D. Martinez – 1090 points, still scoring points with his ‘stros card thank goodness I played him a couple times.
  6. Bunt 501-1000 — Yunel Escobar – 1086 points, really the most unknown on the list
  7. Bunt 1001-5000 — Carlos Santana – 1052 points, another showing on the BoB list

The rest:

  • Bautista – 1044
  • McCann – 962
  • Petit – 950
  • Rendon – 902
  • Holliday – 894
  • Abreu – 822
  • Lester – 810
  • Miller – 790
  • N Walker – 778
  • Kendrick – 766
  • Weaver – 760
  • LaRoche – 714

Predicting the BoBs (Best of Bunt cards) – week 24

This has become my weekly post. Bunt was crazy this week. Huge points loss on Thursday (I lost 8k-9k for no reason) and crazy lags over the weekend. Looks like Topps needs to work on some big server-side issues. That said, competition was as strong as ever.


Best of Bunt awards (BoBs) will come out later today for players who participate in the points chase. Here are my predictions for what is coming. I based the predictions based on how many points the gold card for each player scored.

  1. Bunt 1-10 — Miggy 1682 points including a huge weekend
  2. Bunt 11-25 — Nelson Cruz 1510 points on the strength of 2 HRs and 7 RBIs Sunday
  3. Bunt 26-50 — Buster Posey – 1430 points, 2nd week in a row as 3rd highest scorer, making late push for MVP race 
  4. Bunt 51-100 — Adam Laroche – 1400 points, does this guy have more BoBs than anyone else?
  5. Bunt 101-500 — Adrian Gonzalez – 1307 points, another strong week
  6. Bunt 501-1000 — Victor Martinez – 1306 points
  7. Bunt 1001-5000 — Carlos Santana – 1218 points


The rest:

  • Kyle Seager 1154
  • Alex Wood 1110
  • Altuve 1038
  • Bautista 1016
  • Kemp 1016
  • Buchholz 970
  • Pence 896




Predicting the BoBs (Best of Bunt cards) – week 23

I started a new tradition last week and while I have been lazy about posting, I’ll try to keep this going. 


Best of Bunt awards (BoBs) will come out later today for players who participate in the points chase. Here are my predictions for what is coming. I based the predictions based on how many points the gold card for each player scored but I have no idea how to Bunt team decides which cards to give out. I should try to reverse engineer it… but that would be an extra level of effort that I will save for next week.


Drumroll please…

  1. Bunt 1-10 — Jacob Ellsbury – 1676 points, including one huge day
  2. Bunt 11-25 — Matt Holliday – 1442 points, snuck up on me, didn’t realize he was playing so well
  3. Bunt 26-50 — Buster Posey – 1402 points, I thought he was going to be #1 but he took off a day (or 2)
  4. Bunt 51-100 — Madison Bumgarner – 1300 points, obviously a 2-start pitcher and threw a 1-hitter
  5. Bunt 101-500 — Chris Davis – 1272 points,  maybe picking up his game again, got the treatments back in place?
  6. Bunt 501-1000 — Jose Bautista – 1240 points, this guy is hot not
  7. Bunt 1001-5000 — Jeff Samardzija – 1120 points, came back hot after tough week


narrowly missed — Adrian Gonzalez

Predicting the BoBs (Best of Bunt cards) – week 22

Each Monday, Bunt hands out the Best of Bunt awards. It’s fun to try to predict them ahead of time… even though we will find out soon enough. Running through all of the cards, here are my predictions. Interestingly, no pitchers this week — with the new scoring, it seems pretty much impossible for a pitcher to finish as one of the top 2-3 Bunt scoring cards but I don’t think any were even in the top 10 this week. It was a big scoring week for batters as evidenced by the big point totals on the overall leaderboard.

That said, here we go:

  1. Bunt 1-10 — Lucas Duda, monster week, especially over the weekend
  2. Bunt 11-25 — Marcell Ozuna
  3. Bunt 26-50 — Victor Martinez
  4. Bunt 51-100 — Nolan Arenado, consistent week
  5. Bunt 101-500 — Sterling Marte
  6. Bunt 501-1000 — Corey Dickerson (calculated based on what his gold card would have scored)
  7. Bunt 1001-5000 — Josh Hamilton
  8. narrowly missed — Dustin Ackley, Ian Desmond, J. Upton, and Jose Abreu

I am sure I missed something in here but that’s the prediction.

[Updated with hat tip to @talamini_gary]

2014 card rankings — taking a swing at the top 50 most valuable cards

Valuing cards is highly subjective. The fact is, people can subjectively debate players 10-20, 20-35, and 35-50. I may be willing to trade #11 on my list for #17 if I have dupes of #11. But this feels like a great place to start.

Some ground rules: the idea is that if you ask 50 people, this would be close to their average rankings. It is only 2014 cards. I am not going to include BoBs or the 1/1 Diamond VIP cards. The 10-count BoBs would probably be in the top 20 range and the 15-count would definitely be in the top 50. And I have a feeling they will hold their value pretty well after the season.

  1. Trout sig
  2. Jeter sig
  3. Berra sig
  4. Gordon Lightning
  5. Wright Blue
  6. Hamilton Lightning
  7. Felix Fire boost
  8. POTW Tulo
  9. Kershaw sig
  10. Stanton sig
  11. Kershaw black boost
  12. Trout Fire boost
  13. JV sig
  14. LL Fernandez
  15. Tulo black boost
  16. Cueto black boost
  17. Encarnacion Fire boost
  18. Aaron GM
  19. Jeter Turkey Red sig
  20. Ortiz black boost
  21. Goldschmidt black boost
  22. Ryan Illustrated
  23. Tulo sig
  24. EC Wheeler
  25. K-Rod Fire
  26. EC Taveras
  27. Rizzo black boost
  28. Heritage Utley
  29. Choo Cannon
  30. Wright Red
  31. Fired Up Wright/Hanley
  32. Strasburg Mystery
  33. (tie) Mystery Wieters/Ventura/Kinsler
  34. Bowman Fielder
  35. Getz Blue sig
  36. (tie) Bowman Wacha/Sabathia
  37. (tie) Fired Up Pedroia/Ellsbury/Verlander
  38. Heritage Stanton
  39. (tie) A&G Super Rare Posey, Sale, and Springer
  40. (tie) Leather Super Rare Jeter and Molina
  41. POTW Pollock award card
  42. SNB Rodriguez award card
  43. Tribute Hamilton

What isn’t on this list… but could be for some people:
• Cannon McCutchen and Puig
• Illustrated Super Rare Harper
• Bowman Russell Wilson
• Breaking Out Machado and Kershaw
• Breaking Out McCutchen award card
• Leather Torii Hunter award card
• A&G Ortiz award card


Discuss amongst yourselves!


Topps Bunt feature requests and suggestions

I have been wanting to write this post for a while but it takes a while to think through these suggestions. Here are my rules of engagement:

1) I am not going to talk about the price of packs or quality of packs. I am not going to lambast Topps for the white pack or celebrate the original black pack.

2) I am not going to talk about the bugs in the app. That is an entirely separate column. I assume Topps is working on those already.

3) I would love to get ideas from others. If there is any post where I want comments, this is it.


So here are some of the ideas I have been thinking about:

1) More filter options when looking at cards. I want to be able to filter so that I am only looking at the following things:

  • Starting Pitchers (SPs) – since a lot of people are looking for SPs, it would be good to just look at these
  • SPs pitching today – especially important for the gameplay aspect. While I can look at the probably starters online, it would be nice to not need to toggle. (An idea from Daniel Kenyon: for that day’s probable pitchers, put a little blue triangle at the bottom.)
  • Inserts – some traders just want to trade inserts. Make it easy!
  • Super Rares – again, there are times when I just want to see the Super Rares with duplications so why look at everything?
  • (this one might be tough) Whether or not you have dupes — I especially want this for people I am trading with so I can just ask for cards where they have duplicates
  • Whether the card is currently available in packs (“Sold out”)

2) Create a “Cards Wanted” list. The Fan Feed can be a zoo and it isn’t easy to post there. It would be nice if I can click on someone and see their list of cards they are seeking.

3) Be able to access a list of people who have added me as a friend. I might want to add them back!

4) Some mechanism to look further back into the trade history. Sometimes I want to remember what I traded to get a card.

5) More checklists for the series. It is okay to look at the News Feed but it would be nice if it was pinned somewhere.

6) Some way to clean out the awards or to filter awards that are not available. For example, the Zimmer award is still listed in my Awards. I have had all 86 cards since June 6 at around 3:30 (an hour after the award was given).

7) A little tag on cards in the trading window showing the card count. When I am evaluating trades, that is frequently what I am looking at.

8) This one is big but probably pretty tough. Some way to control the trading of cards around for Chase Series. Maybe make the coins reward really big when you are one of the first people to complete the series or only give the award card to the people who hit the first day deadline (other people can still earn the coins).


Hope those ideas help Topps Bunt team.

Rating traders — my system

So I have noticed that the quality of trade proposals has gone down recently. It might be because I am trading more, or perhaps it is the influx of Android users with less to trade. Perhaps I just have a few better cards that draws in the seekers… in any case, I have found myself declining a lot more offers. And while I see a lot of people posting that they “always give 5 stars,” that’s not my personality and not how I am doing it.

Instead, I have created my own system which I use to rate the trades. I don’t accept anything that isn’t 4- or 5-stars. I also don’t accept all 5-star offers.

Here is the quick take on it:

5-stars — you either are making an offer I can’t resist or you made an offer I am only declining because I am irrationally attached to the card(s) you want in the deal. The best offers for me ask for dupes and offer cards I want.

4-stars — great offer, fair on both sides of the deal or creative deal. Maybe it addresses one of my needs or only asks for my dupes. Not a perfect deal but fair.

3-stars — not a bad deal but not thinking about my needs. Typically these are good offers on the surface but the offers include cards I already have or asks for a single card. Maybe someone would want this deal.

2-stars — bad offer — not fair for my side. Doesn’t look like they intended to rip me off – giving them the benefit of the doubt – but it’s not an offer anyone should accept.

1-star — they are trying to rip people off. Either they sent the same terrible offer to a bunch of people or they hoped I was a sucker. Whatever the reason, they sent a silly trade with no note of explanation and no logic.

Ignore — I added you to my Ignore list because you show a pattern of trying to rip off other traders. I look at the number of average stars they have and if it is under 3-stars, that is a pretty good indicator that they should be ignored.


Here are some examples:

5-stars — the first deal is a no-brainer. Even if they don’t release that many Chen cards, this is too many quality SPs to reject. The 2nd offer – I had both cards already but the Granderson is a little more rare. Not sure why he wanted the Miggy gold but this seemed fair on both ends.



4-stars — creative. I didn’t need the Aces award card and I only had one Puig, so I rejected the offer. But I thought about countering and I think we would have come to an agreement if I had a dupe Puig.



3-stars — technically a fair trade with that he is offering, but I have all of the cards he is offering and I only have one of the Gypsy Tanaka.



2-stars — Super Rare for a Rare. Don’t think this person was thinking about ripping me off, he just wanted the Puig card. But likely doesn’t have a good season of what cards are worth.



1-star: I have tons of examples but these are pretty self-explanatory. Veteran traders with decent trading scores just offering garbage.




Ignored Traders — low number of trades and trying to essentially steal cards. And then the one from Robert1919 — the infamous offer of asking for lots of sigs for next to nother.



Good luck trading eveone


Award cards — rating the Topps choices — Part 2

It is time for part 2 in this post. I am sure there will be a part 3 in not too long, considering how frequently Topps is releasing new series. Just in the time since I decided to write about this (part 1), they have announced the Mayor series and the Father’s Day dual series award cards. This past week, they launched the Topps Aces, Before They Were Great, Tribute, and International Series. That is 3-4 series every week! You essentially have to be a black or diamond VIP to chase the “advanced” series.

More in more, you have to choose which series to chase. Part of that choice is based on the quality of the award card, though you also have to factor in how realistic it is that you can complete the collection and the value of the cards for you.

Without further ado, here are my thoughts on the rest of the award cards that have been handed out (or are coming this weekend):

Mascot Series

2014-06-12 09.58.05

Player Choice Rating: 1/5

Design Rating: 3/5

Value: 2/5

Card count: 399 (and climbing)

How you get it: collect the 5 mascot cards that were released.

Notes: I have said it before and I’ll say it again, I don’t understand the appeal of mascots. I think I would say the same thing for managers. I wouldn’t mind owning the card for my favorite team (the Reds) but I am not interested in other mascots. I think the design of this card is fun but that doesn’t save the value for me.

1974 Archive Series

2014-06-12 09.58.24

Player Choice Rating: 4/5

Design Rating: 3/5

Value: 2/5

Card count: 1490

How you get it: collect all of the 1974 Archives which was initially tough but then folks started trading the cards around and they gave out the award every day for a while.

Notes: The high card count makes this pretty uninteresting even though Carew is beloved.

Sig Series

2014-06-12 09.57.42

Player Choice Rating: 5/5

Design Rating: 5/5

Value: 5/5

Card count: 41

How you get it: you needed to collect the first 10 sigs they released (not including the dual sigs).

Notes: Not sure if this card is as valuable as the Trout or Jeter sigs that you needed to have in order to get this, but just based on rarity, it is very valuable.

Heritage Series (2nd Series)

2014-06-12 09.57.47

Player Choice Rating: 4/5

Design Rating: 4/5

Value: 4/5

Card count: 65

How you got it: you needed to collect all of the cards in the Heritage 2nd series.

Notes: There were numerous hard-to-get cards but the Utley was the hardest. Also the Bunt folks decided to only give folks a few hours notice before handing out the award, which meant not many people were able to trade for it.

Don Zimmer Memorial Card (collecting all Dodger and Yankee cards)

2014-06-12 09.57.51

Player Choice Rating: 4/5

Design Rating: 4/5

Value: 4/5

Card count: 76

How you got it: you needed all of the Dodgers and Yankees cards.

Notes: Because, again, Topps gave short notice and there were a couple of challenging cards to get (Kershaw gold), very few of these were given out.

League Leader Series (2nd Series – May)

2014-06-12 09.58.21

Player Choice Rating: 3/5

Design Rating: 3/5

Value: 2/5

Card count: 1019 (and climbing)

How you got it: collect all of the League Leaders for May. They generally made them pretty available and the League Leaders pack was not very expensive.

Notes: I think they might still be giving this out. That just kills the value but then again, it makes it easier to complete the series. More in more, for series where they are giving the award for more than two days, it seems like you could trade for the cards more easily after the first wave of awards are given out.

Bowman Draft Series

2014-06-12 09.57.58

Player Choice Rating: 2/5

Design Rating: 3/5

Value: 3/5

Card count: 344

How you got it: collect all of the Bowman Draft cards. The Strasburg and Harper were the toughest to get — 150 of each released.

Notes: I guess I would have saved Harper or Strasburg for the bonus card. Card is plain but slick.

Gypsy Queen Series

2014-06-12 09.56.53

Player Choice Rating: 4/5

Design Rating: 3/5

Value: 4/5

How you got it: collect all 10 Gypsy Queens. They only gave the award once, which was nice. The rarest cards were the Tanaka and Adam Jones — between 400-500 of each.

Card count: 279

Notes: This was one of the tougher ones to get. They ended up releasing a fair number of Tanaka and Jones (the Super Rares) at the end, which I hate because you pay a lot in trade for the cards earlier in the week.

Turkey Red Series

2014-06-12 09.57.21

Player Choice Rating: 5/5

Design Rating: 4/5

Value: 5/5

Card count: 143

How you got it: collect 14 Turkey Red cards. There were a few that unexpectedly sold out with ~100 cards (not the super rares) which created a scramble.

Notes: I bet these look better in real life. The colors just don’t come through digitally. That said, because some of the cards were hard to get and they only gave the award on two days, it was really tough to get and rewarding to complete.

Quick take on packs in the store


, , , ,

Sunday Brunch packs are out (as you probably know)… I opened around 15 of them. Got a Fisk Mayor, 3 Turkey Reds (2 Swishers and Sandoval), and a bunch of the newer cards (but only a couple gold). Not a bad pack but I also opened the discounted Mayor and Turkey Red packs which seemed to have more Scarce and Super Rares.

So, if you want to load up on the base cards released in the past month, maybe it is worth it. Though the jumbo pack was probably better for that. If you specifically are chasing the Nolan Ryan Mayor, I would buy that pack.

Otherwise, I might save the coins for a little while. These packs aren’t a bad deal but they aren’t super exciting.